Genuine Technology

We specialize in building full-function software prototypes and technology advisory for small businesses and early-stage startups

We help our customers by working collaboratively across product and engineering teams with Lean Startup best practices to pursue Product/Market Fit.

Systems Architecture

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Distributed Computing System
  • Near real-time Streaming System
  • Cloud Computing Platform
  • Secure Web Services
  • Home Area Network (IoT) System
  • Wireless Personal Area Network

Application Development

  • Contemporary Web Application
  • Open Source Framework
  • Responsive & Material Design
  • Federated Authentication
  • Mobile Application
  • Data Service API
  • Lead Management / CRM

Infrastructure & Database

  • Systems Infrastructure
  • Database Design & Modeling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Sharding & Clustering
  • Relational Database & NoSQL
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Secure 24x7 Data Center


  • Company: DwellAware
  • Role: Led R&D as founding CTO
  • Summary: A Cloud-based data-centric web application with a comprehensive geospatial data warehouse that provides operating cost analysis and objective ratings on individual real estate properties nationwide.
Geospatial Web Application
Geospatial Web Application

  • Responsive web application using Node.js
  • Data service API using Python and Tornado servers
  • A data warehouse of analysis/ratings on 120 million real estate properties nationwide
  • Comprehensive geospatial search functionality with fuzzy logic
  • Cloud-based distributed computing platform using Amazon AWS
  • Technologies/Platforms: Node.js, Python, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Linux, Amazon AWS

  • Company: (stealth)
  • Role: R&D consultant
  • Summary: A near real-time streaming Java-based application that streams high volume of data using Storm into a HBase database on Hadoop-based distributed computing platform.
Real-time Big Data Streaming
Real-time Big Data Streaming

  • Parallel data streaming using Storm Topology of spouts and bolts
  • Java-based configurable queues of HBase's data for optimal write access
  • Scalable Big Data processing on Hadoop platform
  • Technologies/Platforms: Java/JEE, Hadoop/HDFS, Zookeeper, HBase, Storm, Linux

  • Company: EcoFactor
  • Role: Led R&D as founding VP Engineering
  • Summary: A SaaS platform of Home Area Network (HAN) devices on Wireless Personal Area Network protocol (WPAN) that manages residential energy efficiency and load shaping programs for companies such as Comcast, Nevada Energy.
SaaS for IoT Devices
SaaS for IoT Devices

  • Java-based SaaS managing IoT devices running on WPAN ZigBee protocol
  • Around-the-clock data acquisition from wireless IoT devices in residential homes
  • Patented energy optimization algorithm development in Python
  • Data warehousing and analytics on a Hadoop-based distributed computing platform
  • Technologies/Platforms: Java/JEE, Python, ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, Hadoop/HDFS, MySQL, Linux

  • Company: VPM Tech
  • Role: R&D consultant
  • Summary: An on-demand Java-based framework that enables web services to securely and reliably communicate using industry-standards security measures, asynchronous messaging, and embedded persistence engine.
Secure & Reliable Web Services
Secure & Reliable Web Services

  • Downloadable web services module consisting of messaging broker, sender and receiver components
  • Payload secured with end-to-end Public Key Crytography Standards (PKCS)
  • Payload persisted using HSQL embedded persistence engine
  • Server built with EJB/JMS fail-over and cluster-wide JNDI (early version)
  • Technologies/Platforms: Java/JEE, JGroups, SOAP/WSDL, PKCS/X.509, Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Protocol, HSQL, MySQL, Linux

  • Company: Intellect Front
  • Role: R&D consultant
  • Summary: A trademark / intellectual property portfolio management system with CRM features using repurposed SugarCRM open source framework on LAMP platform.
Trademark Portfolio Management
Trademark Portfolio Management

  • Multi-tenant portfolio management system for collaborative work among trademark agents
  • Customizable event tracking and calendaring functionalities
  • Repurposed SugarCRM framework for CRM functions
  • Trademark agent activity logging and analytics in a data warehouse
  • Technologies/Platforms: PHP/Zend, SugarCRM, Apache, MySQL, Linux

  • Company: (n/a)
  • Role: Mobile programming R&D
  • Summary: An Android board game, Sweet Spots, along with a Java-based application for game solving/creation that are open-sourced on GitHub.
Android Game Application
Android Game Application

  • Android Board game published on Google Play
  • Java-based application for creating and solving games
  • Source code available at GitHub
  • Technologies/Platforms: Java, Android