Genuine Technology

Computing technology has evolved over the past decade in a disruptive manner. Not only have processing power, memory and disk capacity improved by an order of magnitude on the hardware end, software has also undergone major evolutions. In particular, open source software has prospered and many of such software products have made their way into mainstream business production systems. Improvement in Internet connectivity and mobile network access have also helped drive the demand for software and hardware that can handle high-volume high-bandwidth requests.

Subsequently, distributed computing technology has evolved as well to address the increasingly demanding requirement for scale. Running distributed computing software on inexpensive commodity server hardware is now a common industry practice for massive scale software service deployment. The overly hyped Big Data is no longer a unique requirement for just a selected few companies. In fact, it's no longer an excplicit requirement for many businesses, as analyzing terabytes of data is a common need these days.

Genuine Technology specializes in design and implementation of highly scalable software systems. Our service covers a wide variety of technologies and the complete development life-cycle.