About Us

Leo Cheung

Founded in 2002, Genuine Technology is a consulting service provided by a dynamic team of software technologists covering a wide spectrum of services from architecture, development, integration, deployment, to production support.

As the principal at Genuine, Leo has over 20 years of software engineering experience, 15 years as a hands-on CTO/technology founder of startup companies in industries including clean tech/energy, real estate and heath/fitness.

Throughout his professional career endeavor, Leo built scalable SaaS applications, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Big Data analytics and CRM/Lead Management systems. At each of the startups he co-founded, he built foundation teams of software engineers, data scientists and DevOps, and played individual contributor roles as needed. Adopting Lean Startup best practices, he worked collaboratively with product and customer service teams to pursue Product/Market Fit. In a technology consulting role, Leo built full-function prototypes, leveraging contemporary open source software, for early-stage startups.

Most recently, Leo was CTO and Co-founder of a real estate startup, DwellAware, responsible for design and implementation of a geospatial data-centric responsive web application on a cloud computing platform covering the 120 millions residential real estate properties in the country.

Prior to DwellAware, Leo was VP Engineering and Co-founder of a cleantech startup, EcoFactor, where he built a Home Area Network SaaS platform that manages IoT devices running on Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) protocol for residential energy optimizatioin and led R&D of patented algorithms running Big Data machine-learning analytics on a distributed computing platform. He also led systems integrations with 3rd-party PaaS for time-series data acquisition from these HAN devices with over-the-air firmware update capability. Personalized Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs were deployed in multiple geographies for customers such as Comcast and Nevada Energy.

Prior to founding Genuine, Leo Cheung was the CTO and Co-founder of a health & fitness company, Asimba, where he built a cobrandable e-Services platform, providing subscription-based personalized fitness programs for business partners 24Hour Fitness and Disney's Go.com to offer to their customers under their own brands. Before Asimba, Leo was the Chief Architect at an online couponing service, planet U, where he spearheaded the design and scaling of its database-centric application server platform to handle high-volume targeted coupon transactions for retailers including Kroger and Dick's Sporting Goods.

During early to mid 90's, Leo was the Technology Director with DBM Group, the e-Services arm of Bozell Worldwide. He designed and built a lead management/CRM system, servicing customers such as Cypress Semiconductors and Toshiba Laptops. During the early World Wide Web days, Leo was in charge of building the technology infrastructure and Internet service necessary for the company to transition into a pioneering e-Merchant service provider.

Leo graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech.